CEO Whisperer, Leadership Development Coach

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Is something holding you back? Is this your time? Do you sense you’re here to make a difference? Are you ready for real, truthful feedback? Let’s do this together.

I am devoted to guiding and supporting leaders in their evolution and success to break through to the next level both professionally and personally.

This is a professional, safe, zero-judgment zone to work out what kind of leader you are and want to be in order to lead from your best self.

As a leadership development consultant/peak performance coach, I work with executives, high potential employees, high performance individuals and C-suites.

In addition to executive coaching, I teach emotional intelligence and intuitive intelligence. This leads to innovative, productive, and positive thoughts and behaviors.

This improved state of being creates clarity, mindfulness, self awareness, mental agility, emotional control, self-confidence, purposeful drive, complex problem solving abilities, and fosters innovation.

My coaching and training program puts personal development back into leadership development and grows the individual into an effective and impactful transformational leader.

My clients improve in Strategic Vision, Team Performance, Self Control Under Stress, Fostering Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, Managing Complexity, Revenue and Funding Wins, Career Advancement, Company Growth and Scaling, and Entrepreneur Mindset.

These new leadership capabilities naturally enable new levels of professional and personal success and fulfillment. The individual finds a sense of meaning, connectedness, and joy.


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