These endorsements are recommendations from clients and peers who have directly experienced the benefits and effectiveness of Dr. Teri’s method.

I have been working with Dr Teri for almost 2 years, and I have really appreciated on a daily basis the impact of her coaching on my role and leadership in my company. A big Merci Dr Teri !

– Rodolph Clerval
Chief Business Officer – VP US Operations of Entreome Bioscience

Dr. Teri has become an invaluable resource to me both personally and professionally. She is masterful at coaching me through the many challenges I face as a technology entrepreneur. Her warmth, intuition, intelligence and sense of humor make each session a joy, and her uplifting guidance has made a truly profound impact in my life. If you are looking to achieve breakthroughs or take your game to a new level, I highly recommend Dr. Teri and White Lily Coaching.

– Christopher Stephenson
CEO of Topos Labs

I reached out to Dr. Teri about 18 months ago, she was a referral of a dear friend and I’m happy that I did. Dr. Teri has enabled me to elevate my thinking, mindset, and emotional resilience. I am reminded of her coaching often as I experience new challenges and situations that I do not control. She graciously accepted an opportunity to share her wisdom with several colleagues of mine and enabled them to take an introspective look at their leadership style and behavior; she imparted nuggets of wisdom for all. I am changed for the better thanks to Dr. Teri and I am grateful for her continued coaching and advice.

– Christin Belchick Kay
Executive HR partner at GE

Dr. Teri Baydar is an incredible life coach and professional advisor. I have been working with her for over two years now. In this time, I have leveled up multiple times in every aspect of my life. Her gentle and patient coaching has successfully seen me through job transitions, a marriage, purchasing my first home and more. She is a true visionary and has become an invaluable resource for my growth and personal development. Her techniques are simple but incredibly impactful. I could not recommend her more highly!

– Shauna McCurdy
Category Marketing Manager at Global Partners LP

The realtor who sold my house referred me to Teri after my divorce. I had never worked with a life coach before, but a year later I finally reached out and set up an appointment. Over the past 8 months she has helped me shift how I see myself and explore what I want. Teri is observant and insightful. She has gently nudged or (as needed) pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am grateful for her guidance and support of my personal and professional development. I have enjoyed our work together and recommend her to anyone who is ready to dig in a little.

– Marty Alvarez
Project Manager at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Being at MassChallenge was like getting a Masters in Business and working with Dr. Teri was like getting a Masters in Life.

– Alejandro Mendez
Co-Founder & CTO of Newbrick

Dr. Teri has empowered me with professional advice and helped me to find my reasons to continue with a mission in my professional and personal life.

– Jose Luis Reyes – Founder & CEO Estrenon
The first Latin American winning $100K Diamond Award in MassChallenge 2015

Here’s what you probably think about coaching, that you don’t need it and that you’re too busy. That you can figure everything out yourself. Yes, without a doubt, you can. But you don’t have to. Let me share my story. I’m a founder and CEO of a profitable analytical consultancy. I doubled my team every year and pushed through challenge after challenge. But I woke up one day realizing that for the first time in my life, I didn’t want to work anywhere else. That was a humbling moment, and I realized that my company was too precious for me to figure everything out by “trial and error”. I owed it to my company to strive for nothing but excellence as a leader. I competed in dance sport in the past, and I knew that when performance matters, a good coach can save me from a world of hurt. I shopped around for a while, and here’s what makes Dr. Teri stand out. Not all of these things are apparent from the initial meet and greet, but I’ll save you the months of shopping. Here’s what you need to know about Dr. Teri:

    • She knows when to accept you where you are and when to encourage you to change. Many coaches are either therapists (too accepting) or narcissists (too in love with their own Process with a capital P). Dr. Teri is an actual coach, someone trained to develop your potential in a sustainable, unique way.
    • 10/10 awareness. She is very good at leading me to discover my internal beliefs and motivations. This helps me lead, sell, and negotiate better.
    • Professionalism and service. Dr. Teri is excellent at her job, and she will show you new ways to be excellent at yours. She is flexible and her prices are fair.
    • Value. Have you ever paid for a bootcamp or a skill certificate? You probably paid more to be one of thirty people in your cohort and received less than an hour of 1:1 attention than you will pay to get 26 hours of 1:1 time with someone who is educating just YOU.
    • This is not magic, this is education. Traditional education teaches us skill to be competitive but leaves huge gaps in our emotional education.

Dr. Teri gives you lasting principles, practices, and exercises that develop your mental resilience.

– Lu Wang
Founder and CEO of Komodo Technologies

At this time in our world, we know that there are few fearless individuals who understand that the unseen aspects of our reality are a powerful venue in which to make significant change. Teri is such a person. She does not learn things in theory; she applies them. As a result, she is qualified to guide others in their spiritual paths. I recommend her as a team player who will markedly enhance the value of any practice.

– Rev. Dr. Susan Corso
Director of Spiritual & Energy Medicine at Visions HealthCare – Dedham, MA

From the moment I first met Dr. Teri, I felt the extraordinary combination of being both seen and accepted at the same time. I was a student in her seminar for women in business and I left the event feeling light and free and happy knowing that I had just encountered a kindred spirit. Dr. Teri has the ability to see the best in each and every one of us. She brings a wonderful sense of humor, an endless supply of warmth, and a no-nonsense attitude to her practice as a life coach. Through her wisdom, I’ve experienced so many breakthroughs in less than a year. By balancing a sense of wonder and joy at the mysteries of the universe with a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and feelings, she has helped me improve my mindset in so many ways. I would recommend her coaching to anyone!

– Madeline Stephenson

Private sessions with Dr. Teri are a great support to build positive energy and remove blocks in the healing process for anyone.  Her gift allows her to make sense out of everything and anything.  This is especially useful to those individuals on a path to growth and higher well-being.

– Dr. Barbara Heyd
Chiropractic Wellness Center – Natick, MA

I have been practicing Constructive Thought in personal sessions with my mentor and guide, Teri Baydar for over a year. Teri’s existential perspective, practical wisdom, intuitive powers and accepting kindness have helped me alter the patterns of my daily life. In turn, her profound insights have helped me navigate many difficult periods and created space for a paradigm shift in how I live my life in general. Teri is my touchstone who helps me keep my thoughts and feelings in alignment with the purpose of my being.

– D. White

Teri has been my coach the past year. She has showed me that the rumble, reckoning and revolution are part of each of our lives. It is making us rich and offers us the opportunity to be open for new experiences of creativity and wild adventures.

I’m grateful that we have walked together to the light. I’m grateful that she has helped me make choices that I would usually not make. I’m grateful that she helped me to be my number one. I’m grateful that she helped me understand that it is not going to be easy and that I have to do the work to self-worthiness myself. I’m grateful that she helped me understand the story of the egg.

– Ilse Wauters
Founder and Consultant, SCMiles Supply Chain Management and E-Learning

I, Ellen Connors, am a lifelong learner. I met Dr. Teri and after reading her postcard on Constructive thought, I knew it was what I was looking for to bring my personal development to the next level.

Dr. Teri is able to guide you to a new way of thinking by making you aware of social, experiential, and lineage beliefs. This created a newly freed mind to reflect and grow, honoring my own destiny. In particular, relieving me of the burden of judgment (of myself and others).

I am in sales, often reading and seeking out motivation trainings. Dr. Teri’s sessions encompass the whole person and where I am coming from. This individual guidance propels me forward to a new freedom and confidence, making me more productive and physically healthier overall.

My work life is enhanced. I am taking on more responsibility, which encompasses the greater good. The changes that occur are difficult to describe. I am more productive and solve problems from a freer capacity. I am more content, less stressed, and approach any situation with a new point of view.

I would recommend this kind of purposeful coaching to anyone who is willing to reflect within themselves and expand outwards through many new lenses. This ultimately improves all your relationships, brings about creativity, and productivity while exploring yourself in the process.

This will benefit you if you ‘just know’ there is a better way of living, want to question the status quo, or bring about a new perception of the world and the people around you.
The experience is serendipitous! What Dr. Teri teaches you is fascinating, but you will benefit much more if you trust in the path that comes from the sessions.

– Ellen Connors
Senior Loan Officer & Reverse Mortgage Professional

So how has Dr. Teri helped me? I was first interested in working with Dr. Teri when I was going through a tough time in my life.  I was unemployed and trying to reinvent myself as I embarked on a career change and trying to get refocused on the priorities in my life.  When I first started working with Dr. Teri I was intrigued and passionate about the education she was giving me on some of the basic human principles of understanding one’s self and others and how important and interesting it was to understand why people act and focus on the things that they do.  It was important in the fact that the more you understand others behavior, as well as your own, the easier it is to navigate to your wants and desires.  This knowledge and understanding gave me great strength in my approach at work and in my personal life.  “Knowledge is Power” and the knowledge and understanding that I have gained has allowed me to be more positive and grow as an individual.

Dr. Teri’s approach is a caring and loving one and just being in her presence always makes me happy.  Dr. Teri’s approach of working from the inside out is important because if you believe in yourself good things will come, as they have with me.  Because I am in a better, more positive place within myself everything around me is better with my family, friends and work.  When your work life balance is in check everything is more enjoyable.  This is all possible by Dr.Teri’s guidance on how to navigate the obstacles we all have in our day to day life.  Seems simple but in some cases it is not, which is where Dr. Teri adds the greatest benefit.

So would I recommend Dr. Teri to someone who may be considering a personal development coach?  Absolutely! Life can be tough on all of us.  No matter how strong you may feel you are, we all need a helping hand at times.  Who better than this beautiful person who wants nothing more than to lend a helping hand to folks in a world that can sometimes be hard to navigate.

– Donovan
Senior Manager Sales Operations/Controller

Succinctly defining what Teri does to the uninitiated is somewhat difficult. By channeling her spiritual guides, named Samantha, Teri is able to tap into a source of higher intelligence to help guide people seeking her help along their spiritual paths. Teri has been naturally gifted in this arena her whole life and has learned to decipher the symbols used by universal powers. She has also spent numerous years studying divinity and worldly religions. As a result of her studies and personal/professional experiences, she has extensive knowledge of the multi-faceted aspects of spirituality. Her approach with clients is very pragmatic and free of religious dogma. In my experience, Teri has been able to explain things that I have experienced along my path in a way that truly resonates with me. Having had similar experiences along her own spiritual path, she can relate to the changes that I have undergone and has significantly helped me grow. I look forward to my meetings with her as she greatly helps me make sense of things that I have experienced and I always feel a renewed sense of well being after our meetings.

– M. Cloutier

Teri gracefully helps deliver messages of pure intention aimed at inspiring people to live their lives to the fullest, to reach their highest potential and enjoy every step of the way. Listening to her is like a breath of fresh air and a reminder of who we are and why we came here.

– L.B.

When I met Dr. Teri, I was a healer in need of healing. The Pranic Healings I received from her were amazing. But there was no end there. As we talked she mentioned her Constructive Thought Processes. My first thought was, well, I know how to do affirmations. Been doing them for years. Yet the more I thought about it, the more I realized that affirmations at times were like trying to climb up a greased 60 foot nylon rope and expect not to fall.

So curiosity had me set up an appointment to see what Dr. Teri had to offer. As a military Veteran and veteran cop, she would have to prove herself and her technique before I would do a happy dance and tell anyone what I was doing…. I mean, after all, who wants to admit that they need to re-wire their brains without admitting that something was broken.

Prove herself she did. With the constructive thought process, not only did she put knots and loops in that greased up, slippery nylon rope of affirmations I’d been using over the years, she was able to explain the concepts in ways that my mind not only accepted but actually agreed with.

Her down to earth, tell it like it is personality and attitude resonated within me. In the first session I learned tools that would start immediate changes, not only in my head but in the way that I see and react to things, situations and people. I look forward to our next session.

– Lorah Buchanan
Pranic Healer – Police K9 Officer/Retired

Teri is a great teacher and mentor. She has some element of Divinity which she is able to share and uplift an individual. Her spiritual concepts are very clear and she allows a soul/person to experience and accept the reality and move forward to a better life journey. Her words come from a deeper position of universal love – that is – God. Her joyful voice is itself good enough to uplift someone. I highly recommend for people in transition to experience their real soul through conversations with Teri. God Bless

– Sandipp Vijj

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