One on One Coaching

Leadership development requires consistent incremental boosts in behavioral shifts and growth.


You can have the happiness and success you desire, but nobody can unlock their full potential by themselves. Dr. Teri guides the individual through a process of developing professional and personal qualities of self awareness, mindfulness, confidence, resilience, mental agility, emotional intelligence resulting in a deep personal sense of purpose and meaning.


Dr. Teri’s coaching method is a transformational process that works from the inside out.


This coaching method creates a behavioral shift in critical thought capacity, self awareness, stress management, conscious decision making, and confidence. This improves interpersonal relationships, productivity, internal processes, and strategic problem solving.


This work is for people who wish to grow and to change and who wish to better themselves and their lives in a deep and meaningful way. Most clients notice a stark improvement in their ability to understand and tame their thoughts and emotions very quickly. Taming yourself in this way is the key to all personal realization and manifesting the life you wish to live.


Please watch this video testimonial from José Luis Reyes, CEO Estrenon in México:


“The main purpose is to help the individual find and develop their whole person, the intrinsic nature of a person’s true self.”

This transformation extends outwardly to positively impact your professional success, family relationships, communities, and the world.


Please watch this video testimonial from Shauna McCurdy, Category Marketing Manager at Global Part-ners LP in Boston:


As you clarify and consciously choose your beliefs, your self-perception changes for the better, along with your perception of the world around you. Your words and actions are naturally altered, in turn altering the response of the world around you. Your professional and personal environment will positively respond to this new way of being and successes/rewards will appear.


Please contact Dr. Teri directly to understand more.

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