Colours Of Anguilla

Colours Of Anguilla: US Artist To Hold Art Exhibition At Malliouhana

Article from The Anguillian Newspaper – Published December 29, 2009

Boston-based artist, Teri Baydar, will be the featured painter in an art exhibition hosted by Malliouhana Hotel and Spa in Anguilla on Monday and Tuesday, December 28 and 29.

The event, dubbed “Colours of Anguilla,” will be a prestigious one with an invitation-only complimentary reception on the first evening followed by an open signing day on December 29. The exhibition is expected to attract a wide variety of international figures, leaders of industry and socialites. It has been arranged that some of the proceedings will be donated to children’s charities through the Anguilla Community Foundation.

The core of the paintings on exhibit will be seascapes and landscapes inspired by the natural surroundings of Anguilla. They are in large format with bright colours on raw unprimed canvas. The “Colours of Anguilla” will also include several paintings of Teri Baydar’s ongoing series entitled “Colourful Consorts.”

The artist, now living in Anguilla periodically, said that her work had been transformed by residing on the island, giving rise to even more vibrancy in her colours. She has attributed this to the serene surroundings, extraordinary light and kindhearted Anguillian people.
Teri Basydar lived, studied and worked for two decades in Europe, predominantly in Paris, France. There she pursued most of her artist training at an arts high school and at private classes at les Beaux School of Art.

But for Anguilla, her work is particularly special and a tribute to the loveliness of the island and its people. A write-up on her work states in part: “Anguilla and its people have played a transformational role in the artist’s work. She fell in love with the island and its very singular people several years ago. The peace and serenity of Anguilla and the warm hearts of its people have brought forth new subject matter and a bolder, more inspired technique.

“Now living in Anguilla part time for several years, she has begun a new series of work in relation to her affinity with the ethers, focusing on the main alchemical elements of water, sky, earth, and fire, as well as, vegetation. The intimate contact with these elements through the natural island surroundings, has led to the expression of vibrancy, spirit, and life in her paintings portrayed in simple natural subjects. Favourite subjects developing in her works are the indigenous sea grape, the white sea lily, and the magical local cedar tree that erupts into fuchsia blossoms after a refreshing rain shower.”

Viewing Teri Baydar’s art exhibition at Malliouhana Hotel and Spa on December 28 and 29, promises to be an exciting and unforgettable experience.

Interested persons can visit the artist’s portfolio at under Artist Search: Teri Baydar.

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