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The Artist lived, studied, and worked for two decades in Europe, predominantly Paris, France where she pursued most of her artistic training.  She attended an arts high school, private art classes, and night classes at Les Beaux Arts.  Her main subjects of interest in life are ancient alchemy, self-actualization, symbolism, and the pursuit of personal mythology.

Now residing in Boston, she her focuses mainly on bringing to light the fruit of her natural affinity with the ethers.

“Living on the bridge between the visible and invisible world, I did not until later in life realize that not all people see and communicate with unseen elements.  They are what inspire and encourage me to overcome pain and suffering, be it personal or on a wider social level.  Art in general tends to focus on pain and deal with it through cathartic expression.  Although this is a valid means to an end, I prefer to deal with pain by dissolution, by bringing to life and visibility those elements that aid me to carry the cross of my existence.  It is a search for sublimation and joy beyond cathartic release.”

Please take a look at the photogalleries of Dr. Teri’s works: Alchemical Creatures, Colourful Consorts, Mythical Madonnas & Seascapes and Landscapes. You can also read an article about Dr. Teri from the Anguillian titled, The Colours Of Anguilla and view a documentary about her artwork Bridging Reality.

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